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Timing chain replacement

Price From £359.99

Timing chain is inside a car engine working between crankshaft and the camshaft. It extends its support to inlet and exhaust valve gear at the time of piston's stroke cycle. Timing chain plays a key role in the performance of car engine. Built in metal, it is most similar to a bicycle chain. It needs a regular service of lubrication by engine oil for high efficiency.

The timing chain typically needs replacing when:

  • the car engine is indicating low on power

  • there are squeaking sounds coming from the timing cover area

  • ignition timing is poor

  • your vehicle approaches 100,000 in mileage




Replacing the timing chain when the change is due is well worth it - ignore it and your engine will have a major failure. In the worst scenario, your car may never run anymore. The best idea is to never wait for your chain to break. Instead, if your car’s manufacturer has provided a maintenance schedule, do follow it and book the replacement when it is due. If you are unsure whether this is the right time for the change but you’re worried that it may be (e.g. since your car is reaching high mileage), book a quick appointment and our technicians will check the status of the chain for you.

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