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Timing Belt Replacement 

prices from £259.99

Also known as the timing belt, your cam belt may be the most important part in your engine. The cam belt is what keeps everything moving and synchronised. Without it, your auto doesn’t move. The life expectancy for a cam belt differs by car manufacturer. Intervals can run from 60,000 to 100,000 miles or if your car is over seven years old.

There are no tell-tale signs that your timing belt needs replacement. However, your mechanic should be checking it for wear when you bring your car in for regular maintenance, such as oil changes. Check your owner’s manual and if your vehicle is within the recommended time frame, then book an appointment today and have a cam belt change done or at least checked before it’s too late. 




Without the cam belt, cam shafts don’t move and neither does your car. The belt itself has gripping teeth to turn the gears. It winds its way around the cam shaft, idlers, a tensioner and may include the one that runs your water pump.

Most mechanics and manufacturers recommend that when cam belt replacements are done, most of these other parts be replaced as well, as taking your vehicle in for servicing these parts alone is very expensive.

Unfortunately, the first sign that your cam belt has to be replaced may be the abrupt stopping of your car. When this happens, it could result in serious damage to other parts of your engine, including damaged pistons and camshafts.

In the case of the cam belt about to fail, there are no symptoms so it is an important part of maintaining your vehicle. It is up to you to know what the recommended replacement/service period is for your car, so check your owner’s manual and talk to your mechanic.

The timing belt change usually requires taking apart much of the engine in order to gain access, so, though the parts themselves are not very expensive, the labour cost is where most of your money goes, so be prepared. However, the cost of a cam belt change is much less expensive than replacing your engine or totally replacing your car. Book an appointment today.

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